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PRESENTACIÓN | elittoral in Macaronesia

The term Macaronesia gives its name to the set of five archipelagos near the African coasts that share many factors in common. They are the archipelagos of the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira, Azores and Wild Islands.  The word "Macaronesia" comes from the Greek (μακάρων νῆσοι,  makárōn nêsoi) and you mean "lucky islands"  .


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All archipelagos are outermost regions that are far from the countries or the continent to which they belong, enjoy a very pleasant climate throughout the year and share similar flora and fauna, as well as the volcanic origin of the islands.

Based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, elittoral is an international marine environment consultancy strongly committed to protecting the Macaronesian sea and improving the quality of life of its society and future generations.  


Since 2009 we work for a sustainable use of the sea and its resources and today we have more than 20 international projects between Europe, Africa and Central and South America.


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Ecosystems and biodiversity: Surveillance of protected sandy areas in the Canary Islands and Africa


To develop a software application that allows the evaluation of environmental quality and the surveillance of sandy protected natural spaces through high resolution remote sensing.

Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Development of Nautical Sports in Cape Verde

CAPE VERDE | 2015.

Environmental valuation of the areas proposed for the development of port or marine facilities, as well as for the detection of strategic points in the development of Nautical Sports in Cape Verde.


Bionomic study of La Barra de la playa

from Las Canteras


Carrying out a bionomic study of La Barra on Las Canteras beach. A study completed with close collaboration and synergy between the various technical departments of the company already  through campaigns at sea and flights with a hyperspectral camera to identify the habitats and marine biological communities of Las Canteras beach. 

Water Quality Assessments prior to the deployment of a Wave2OTM System at the Praia Grande Site on the Island of São Vicente.


The objective of this project is to characterize Praia Grande seawater by carrying out  analysis of chemical-physical parameters, analysis of water samples, study of the maritime climate, making a hydrodynamic model, study of biological communities  and identification and proposal for the best location for the water inlet and discharge.

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