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GESPLAN - Government of the Canary Islands

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Gran canaria


Environmental and Landscape Restoration Plan of the North Coast of Fuerteventura (TM La Oliva, Fuertventura)

The main objective of the contract is the preparation of a Restoration Plan for the northern part of the SPA of Fuerteventura, within the framework of the corrective measures required by virtue of the requirement made by the European Commission, within an ex-post Project Evaluation according to Law 9/2018 that partially modifies State Law 21/2013 on environmental evaluation.


For this, an exhaustive characterization of the area of action was carried out, the coastal section between El Cotillo and Corralejo, where the existing environmental problems were documented, in combination with detailed studies of vegetation, habitats, fauna, etc. make a proposal for environmental recovery measures in the area. 

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